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Hey, I have not seen you on tumblr for a while and I just wanted to see how you were doing.

Hey there.

Thanks for checking up….I’m doing ok…working on being a better nothing.

What are some books that you've read lately?

Here’s a list of the books I’ve read in the last year…here goes.

Demien-Herman Hesse

Death On The Installment Plan-Louis Ferdinand Celine

Journey To The End Of The Night-Louis Ferdinand Celine

The Crying Of Lot 49-Thomas Pynchon

The Big Sleep-Raymond Chandler

A Light In August-William Faulkner

The Sound And The Fury-William Faulkner

Cities Of The Red Night-William S Burroughs

Trout Fishing In America-Richard Brautigan

In Watermelon Sugar-Richard Brautigan

Women-Charles Bukowski

The Sickness Unto Death-Soren Kierkegaard

Resuscitation Of A Hanged Man-Denis Johnson

Nobody Move-Denis Johnson

L.A Confidential-James Ellroy

The Favourite Game-Leonard Cohen

The Demon-Hubert Selby Jr

Our Lady Of The Flowers-Jean Genet

Hollywood Babylon-Kenneth Anger

Please Kill Me-Legs McNeil

Life After Death-Damien Echols

Killshot-Elmore Leonard

Big Sur-Jack Kerouac

Quiet Nights In Clichy-Henry Miller

The Cosmological Eye-Henry Miller

Watt-Samuel Beckett

Still Life With Woodpecker-Tom Robbins

Forced Entries-Jim Carroll

See A Little Light-Bob Mould

Taipei-Tao Lin



Audrey Hepburn for Love in the Afternoon, 1957

Love in The Afternoon is one of my favorite films. She is the most beautiful woman in the world to me.

Well…they’re not going great so far this preseason…but that doesn’t mean much. Remember…they won the World Series last year…and they will do it again this year!

Well…they’re not going great so far this preseason…but that doesn’t mean much. Remember…they won the World Series last year…and they will do it again this year!


I love dearly

watching the steam escape

from the manhole covers

it reminds me

of when some of us were worse

but thankfully

there were women like you

who would still carry

a pint of blackberry brandy

in their purse

at all times

The West was primrose coloured

you were still in bed

and that hair


almost too long

like a bell cord

spread across the pillow

slow as oil

just one more

of cupid’s unused clients


according to the celluloid sundial

even after all this time

we are still private property.


Daniel Johnston


Daniel Johnston

Never More Than Two Ways About It.

Lie beside me

it’s secret here

not that I would dare

to compare your secrets

to my comfort


I mean

our boredom

or whatever you would call

what we have

like comparing the occasional orgasm

to a reward promised weeks ago


it’s down to distances

and sloppy hours of sleep

discount marked


black stockings

over bones

egg-shell white

never showing you a thing

there’s really nothing to it

it’s so much easier to testify

when it’s just the two of us.

And therefore I looked down into the great pity of a person’s life on this earth. I don’t mean that we all end up dead, that’s not the great pity. I mean that he couldn’t tell me what he was dreaming, and I couldn’t tell him what was real.
Denis Johnson
do you have a crush on anyone?

Yes…yes I do. 

do you live in california?

No…I don’t. I used to…should’ve stayed there.

Much Obliged.

Briefer than an epitaph


and unmistakably you


facing each other

with no need to reply to anything

said the day before

out of time

flat as a pattern


kneeling by your bed

frigidly forward-looking

with a soft ribbon of diction

for her

and for me

a golden chain of undergrowth


and balanced around her waist

like a heritage of static aspects

oblivious of the August heat

in which we live

to be young

on stale linen

still among the habit of prayer.

Newton is the best dog ever.

Newton is the best dog ever.